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We are a very competative business and we do aim to beat any like for like quote. We dont charge any of our customers for quotes and you are under no obligation.


If you decide to use our services we will invoice you in stages depending on how big the job is. i.e 3 bed semi will have two stages.


Our electricians cover all of birmingham and work to the highest standards. Once a job is complete you have a 12 month guarentee on our electrical work.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some frequently asked questions. Please click on the question to find the answer.


  • Do I need a rewire?
  • My fuse board keeps tripping, what could it be?
  • How do I know if my electrical equipment is safe?
  • How do I know if my electrical installation is safe?
  • What is the average cost for electrical work?
  • Can I do my own electrical work?
  • How often should I get my electrical installation tested?
  • How do I know if someone is competent to do electrical work?


    My fuse board keeps tripping, what could it be?


    When a fuse board trips it could be one of three things, a fault in the electrical installation, a appliance plugged in which has became faulty, or a over sensitve RCD. What ever it maybe, we can find the problem and rectify it useing our test equipment and of cource our knowledge gained though years of college.


    If you are having any problems concening fuse boards we can help. Please get in touch and we will be happy to give you a quote.



    How do I know if my electrical equipment is safe?


    Answer coming soon.



    How do I know if my electrical installation is safe?


    Answer coming soon.



    What is the average cost for electrical work?


    Electrical work can vary from company to company because of there price structure and discounts with wholesalers.


    The best way to determine a average price for the work is to get 3-4 quotes to get the general cost and them decide who you want to do the work.


    Remember if a quote sounds to good to be true, it probably is.



    Can I do my own electrical work?


    Answer coming soon.



    How often should I get my electrical installation tested?


    You should get your property tested once every 10 years and there should be a sticker on the fuse board with the date for the next inspection.


    If you are unsure, i provide a free visual inspection service which will determine if a number of items of the installation is not up to date with the regulations. I hope this helps you and thanks for visiting my website.


    Do i need my house rewired? For almost 100 years now we have benefited from electricity, from lighting and heating to powering our computers and appliances. But sometimes we forget the dangers that can occur if a electrical system is not kept in a good condition and up to date. In this article I will give you advice on how to spot if you need a rewire and the benefits. Normally if you have maintenance and periodic inspections by qualified electrician your electrics should be up to date and safe. However, if you have not kept up to date there are some things you can look out for yourself to determine if you need a full rewire. If in any doubt or need any advice get in touch with a fully qualified electrician. The first and most obvious is the fuse board, if your fuse board is the old style which has push in rewirable fuses then the property is most likely at least 30 years old and may need rewiring. You may have had a fuse board upgrade at some point so you still may require work doing. More information on fuse board birmingham. Secondly is the wires themselves, if you can see black cables in your home then you definenty need a complete rewire. A good place to spot the cables is above your fuse board. These cables are at least 40 years old, rubber and over time the insulation on the cables will have broken down and is most likely not safe. Thirdly is the accessories them selves, look at your lighting and socket points. If your lights are a two wire twined pendant style then is likely your lighting circuit is not earthed. Not being earth presents a danger if you have added your own metal light fittings. Also check the socket to see if they are the round pin style, that's another good indication of age which could mean a rewire. There are other things to look at for but there not as obvious as above, the size of the mains cables. These days there is a bigger demand on electricity as we have more appliances which means you need 25mm2 tails. As well as that the earth bonding cables also needs to be bigger, 10mm2. Not sure what this means seek expert advice or check out rewire birmingham. The benefits with having you house rewired, well the main benefit is your own piece of mind knowing your home is in a safe condition. After your home has been rewired the company will test it and provide you with a certificate, this is also a benefit as it will help to increase the value of your home when up for sale and for mortgage providers. Also after a rewire you will have all your sockets and lights in your specified positions where as before you may of had extension leads trailing around skirting boards. I hope this has been helpful and if you require any more information you can check out this site, electricians in birmingham.



    How do I know if someone is competent to do electrical work?


    The best thing to do is be honest and ask some questions. At the end of the day its your property and you want to feel comfortable with the tradesman you choose. You could ask question like these below.


    How long have you been qualified


    Are you registered.


    Are you insured.


    Have you any references i could contact.


    What is the capital of brazil.... Joke


    Obviously there are rouge trademen out there or cowboys more commonly knows as, so here is some things to look out for.


    People asking for a deposit up front or before work starts.


    You cant get hold of there references.


    No prioof of registration or insurance.



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